The President's Vampire

The President's Vampire - Christopher Farnsworth After reading Blood Oath I was ready for some more adventures with Nathan Cade. I really liked the first book but honestly have to say I was a little bit let down by The Presidents Vampire. I think Christopher Farnsworth tried to do too much in his second outing and after two thirds of the book I was left thinking that there were alot of words but very little going on. Of course the last third of the book completely made up for it. Once again I feel Mr. Farnsworth's writing style really fits his characters. Nathan Cade is a man of action and little words so the fast paced action works really well here. I was originally thinking of giving this one three stars but after reading the third book I had to upgrade it to four. There are alot of new characters that you'll be seeing in his future books so it's really important not to skip this one. I kinda feel like this book is the equivilant of Back to the Future 2. It's a good story, just not as good as part 1 and 3 but it's an extremely important bridge that helps set the pace for future events perfectly. The characters as always are interesting, the story was good and well paced and of course the action was spectacularly over the top. I definetly would reccommend reading this one to get yoursel prepared for the third book which in my opinion completely blows away the other two.