Eon: Dragoneye Reborn

Eon: Dragoneye Reborn - Alison Goodman I read Eon this year and was immediatly drawn into the book. I don't believe I've ever read a first person pov that was this descriptive. I completely fell in love with the settings and lore. I really enjoyed seeing the world from Eon's point of view and it was very vivid all the way down from the somewhat asian architecture and culture right down to the smell and taste of things. I found myself realizing I couldn't even remember reading a single word after dozens of pages - it was like one big HD movie screen playing in my head. Sort of like I inhabited the book instead of reading it.

I found myself really drawn to Eon who was basically a slave for as long as he could remember from being sold to the salt mines when he was a very young child to being discovered and bought by one of the ex-Dragoneyes who hopes to apprentice Eon in the ways of the Dragoneyes so that he will be chosen by the Rat Dragon (one of the 12 mystical dragons whose Dragoneyes control their energy to protect the land from natural disasters and such). It's a hard life of constant learning and discipline and it would be hard for any young adult but Eon is also crippled. He was in a tragic accident a few years back that left his hip nearly shattered and his leg lame. So Eon finds it nearly impossible to perform all of his training especially the combat training but he perserveres and keeps trying. What gives the story so much more depth is that Eon and his master hold a deadly secret. One that could mean life or death for both apprentice and master in the society that is male dominated (Patriarchy). You see Eon is a girl and also happens to be one of the strongest magic users her master has ever encountered. With one final hope of turning out an apprentice that could possibly become a Dragoneye he risks all in the hopes that it will salvage his lost fortune and prestige all the while Eon may just yet become the first female ever to become a Dragoneye but she would have to keep her secret until the day she dies. It's very interesting to watch Eon's dual nature. She's pretended to be a boy for so long that the girl inside of her is pretty much dead. She doesn't know what it's like to be a woman and it gets very confusing for him/her at times. If all of that isn't enough The Kingdom is being threatened from within and there are some powerful alliances that threaten to topple this peaceful society and Eon finds herself right in the middle of it.

I can't praise this book enough and I look forward to more from Alison Goodman. Eon felt like a genuine heroine. She isn't all powerful, she has alot of problems such as her bad leg and doesn't always make the best decisions. Remember she's still a very young girl that's pretending to be a man that has never really been a part of society much less wielded power and respect. She makes alot of bad decisions and isn't able to just randomly kick everyone's butt without a sweat (kinda hard kicking butt with a lame leg) So I found her very unique, real and a refreshing change to all the all powerful female leads you see in so many books nowaday's. I also love her internal struggle in a world where males are accepted and respected she will have to choose between the power she desires or her true nature but she is no longer sure of what that is anymore. Do yourself a favor and read this highly enjoyable book.