The Burning City (Spirit Binders)

The Burning City (Spirit Binders) - Alaya Dawn Johnson Just finished this book a while back and it was amazing. Had me turning the pages until I was done. I finished it in one sitting which is something I only do on the best of books. Alaya is extremely talented and I expect we'll see big things from her. I can't wait for the 3rd book and I'm eagerly awaiting her new alternate/historical vampire series. I don't really like to talk about plot so I don't ruin anything so do yourself a favor and read her first book Racing the Dark. It's very original and there's alot of mystery to go with the fantasy. Incredible book/series so far.

Note: Due to publishers and lack of interest (lack of making money on it lol) She is not currently going to be able to write the sequel. I contacted her and hopefully one day she'll self publish the rest of the series if she can get the rights or work out a deal or something. It's a shame, is a very unique series and she's an excellent writer