Racing the Dark

Racing the Dark - Alaya Dawn Johnson It's been a while since I read Racing the Dark but I can remember how much I loved this series. Alaya Dawn Johnson is a masterful storyteller and you would never guess that this is her debut novel. She writes like an old pro. There are just so many reasons why I would reccommend this book to anyone. She has a vivid imagination and I can honestly say there has never been anything quite like this story before. Her education in Foreign cultures really shines in this series. I'm not going to really go into plot, you can read the description for the book but I will say her characters are very three dimensional. It's not your average cliche coming of age tale. Lana's is both strong and tragic, she does good things and makes her fair share of mistakes. I've read the sequel and her writing just gets stronger and stronger as she goes. Nothing ever feels forced or fake in her stories. Do yourself a favor and read this tragic tale. I promise you've never read anything quite like this before.


Due to money issues the publisher doesn't want to publish anymore of these books (guess they didn't make enough money) so this and the second book are all we get. Still a great read but it's a shame because it's so good and original. I'd really love for her to be able to finish the series. I'm hoping one day she can self publish the ending