Buried Memories: Katie Beer's Story - Carolyn Gusoff and Katie Beers

Buried Memories: Katie Beers' Story - Katie Beers, Carolyn Gusoff

A Story Of Survival, Courage and Hope! A Must Read for Parents/People Everywhere!!!


I'm not going to go into many details on the book itself. Chances are if you're here then you remember the national headlines and like the rest of us sat glued to your television set each day as the horrific events about Katie's abduction played out on an national stage. As each day progressed the world learned more and more about Katie and her awful surroundings. More light was shed on the amount of abuse, neglect and pain this poor girl must have suffered through in her short life. At age 9 she was kidnapped by a family friend who made it look like she was taken at knife point by a stranger and locked into a small coffin sized box underneath his garage. For the next 17 days she would stay there as his prisoner facing unimaginable terror but that is only part of the story. In Buried Memories: Katie Beer's Story we are taken back to hear earliest years and shown a life of neglect, struggle and very little love. We are given accounts of her horrible ordeal before and after the kidnapping and then are shown her recovery and those who came to her rescue. The system which initially failed this little girl did a commendable job of trying to atone for it's past mistakes. She was put into a loving foster home with a new family. She had a great team, an amazing psychologist and all of the authorities involved did an outstanding job of not only putting away the two vile monsters in her life but also helped to keep the media at bay so this little girl could move on with her life and go to school without being hounded each and every day.

This is one of the hardest things I've ever read but also I feel one of the most important things I've ever read. To say Katie Beer is courageous is a gross understatement. I doubt many children could have survived what she did but not only did she survive but she moved forward and prospered. She was a tough little girl who was extremely street smart and wise beyond her years. I think it's awesome that the author and reporter Carolyn Gusoff was one of those who respected this girls wishes and stayed away from her instead of trying to get a scoop after everything was said and done. She was the perfect choice to help write this book. She managed to tell Katie's story with a great deal of compassion and respect. I think every parent owes it to themselves to read this harrowing tale. Unfortunately most of the time that children are sexually abused it is not by a stranger but by a relative or family friend: someone the child knows and loves which is just a betrayal beyond words. I would urge parents everywhere to read this. To talk to their children and make sure that their children KNOW that they can come to them with anything and that they won't get into trouble. It's important that children understand the dangers of not only strangers but also family and friends, the dangers of anyone who would try to abuse them. I would definitely read this before allowing your teenagers to read it though(depending on their age). This is not an easy subject and while it handles the more sensitive matters with the utmost respect it still talks about them so you may want to read it first. Be warned that this is not an easy book to read although I think it's a very important one to read. I can only imagine Katie's pain. This book hurt me just reading it and she had to live through this.

I'm glad that there is a happy ending for Katie. I know that she'll never completely be normal or get over what was done to her in her past but it warms my heart to know that she was able to make it through all of that and still find love. Her new family deserve a lot of credit along with Katie's psychologist and everyone around her that helped her through her childhood and teenage years. Those in the law enforcement, especially those who had children made this case personal and looked after her like she was their own daughter. Katie's husband who sounds like a very special man. Most of all Katie deserves a lot of credit. Not only is she a good person but she is probably one of the strongest people I've ever had the fortune to read about. I hope that the rest of her life will be filled with happiness and kindness and that she will continue to heal. If she ever reads this I'd just like to take the opportunity to thank her for sharing her story. I do believe it will help others who have been through similar things to see that you can heal and lead a normal life and find happiness. Thank you Katie: I hope you are doing well. I pray that in finally sharing her story it has also helped her to heal. I cannot recommend this book enough!