Finding Cinderella: A Novella by Colleen Hoover

Finding Cinderella - Colleen Hoover

A Perfect Novella!!!


I've been waiting on Finding Cinderella for a while now. I loved Hopeless and really enjoyed Losing Hope so I couldn't wait to delve back into this world and see my old friends again. First of all I just want to say how amazing this novella is. Smaller stories are always so much harder to write well. Sometimes there's just not enough pages or enough going on for readers to connect with the characters like they can in a full length novel. Obviously that is not the case here, not only was I able to connect with Six and Daniel I was also very surprised that I was so invested in their story that I no longer cared that the story wasn't about Sky and Holder. Six and Daniel were just so engaging but of course Sky and Holder both make appearances which was just icing on the cake which already had really good icing.

During Hopeless I never really gave it much thought when Daniel was talking to Holder about the girl he met in the close at school. It just never really registered with me until this story. Daniel was seeing that crazy mean girl (Was it Vicky? I'm not sure) and I never even suspected that the girl that he was with could have been Six but it makes so much sense. Daniel had so much more depth to him in Finding Cinderella than he did in Hopeless. With him being one of the two main characters you really get a good idea of who he truly is on the inside and he was so perfect for Six. Six is literally looking for the exact same thing that Daniel has always been looking for and when they met in a dark closet and pretended to be in love it was so very sweet and even more so when they met each other again and fell in love for real. Of course there's a bit of sadness too but just like with Hopeless Colleen Hoover handles it so well that it makes you care for both characters even more. There's nothing cliché about Six or Daniel, they're not your stereotypical teenagers and this isn't your stereotypical romance, they're not perfect which is why they're so very perfect for each other. I loved both of their sense of humor, I enjoyed Daniels parents quite a bit and also really liked how much Six hand changed. There's just so much going on in such a small book. It never really felt like a Novella to me, more like a quick novel : ) By the end of the novella I cared for them both just as much as I did Sky and Holder and it was so nice seeing where Sky and Holder are at now and how they are doing.

I think I have to agree with Colleen Hoover about her publishers telling her she was nuts for giving this one away for free because I definitely would have paid for this book although I'm glad she did release it for free. It was a very fun and nice present to all of her fans and I for one really appreciate it. I haven't read all of her books yet which is something I plan to remedy soon. She's just such a great writer and she knows how to pull your emotions in twenty different directions. Her romance scenes are SUPER romantic: remember Holder and Sky's first non-kiss kiss? Her sad scenes require a bucket for all the tears: the revelation at the end of Hopeless and her fun scenes will have you smiling and laughing out loud like when Daniel and Six make their big escape from Six's house that first time. All in all pretty much a perfect Novella that stands on it's own just fine. I originally wanted to read it because I was hoping for more Sky and Holder but came away appreciating it for what it was: Daniel and Six's story. Do yourself a favor and grab this awesome gift from Colleen Hoover, you'll be glad that you did!