When Women Were Warriors Book 1: The Warrior's Path - Catherine M. Wilson

When Women Were Warriors Book I: The Warrior's Path (Volume 1) - Catherine M. Wilson

Simply Beautiful.


When Women Were Warriors is quite simply a beautiful book. The words flow like music, the story is slow and unfolds before your eyes like a delicate flower but the pacing doesn't suffer from the lack of action. Far from it, the story is actually the better for it. So many books rely on action to drive the story and that's not necessarily a bad thing but with this book the elegant words and the characters themselves drive the story. I've rarely read a book by independent or published authors that was so beautifully written. I'm getting the next two tomorrow and I'm looking forward to reading them very much.

I've always enjoyed the winter time, in fact it's always felt more like a time of renewal to me than spring ever has and it just seemed fitting that I started this book at the start of winter while it was nice and cold outside with stars shining brilliantly overhead although I have a feeling that any season would be the right season for this book. The story reminded me of home, of being wrapped in a warm blanket in front of a cozy fire, of the very heartbeat of the world. At it's heart it is a story of life and of learning. It is a story of love, courage and honor. Of making your own path yet being a part of a larger picture. Of friends and enemies, lessons learned, wisdom and destiny. And magic, there is plenty of magic in this book but it is as subtle as life itself. It was beautiful and I feel like a better person who lives in a better world after reading it. I would rather talk about how the book made me feel than the story itself so that's what I've tried to do although words always fail to fully capture how any given story makes me truly feel. Discover it for yourself and prepare to go on an unforgettable journey back in time to When Women Were Warriors and discover a time and place that feels so much like coming home.