Call to Arms (War of the Fae, #2)

Call to Arms (War of the Fae, #2) - Elle Casey As much as I loved War of the Fae Book 1, Book 2 was even better. These books are just so much fun. I really enjoy a great series and so far this is turning out to be one of the best. In all of the best series in each subsequent book it feels like you're coming home to friends and family and that's exactly how I feel about Jayne and her fae friends. It's like I'm part of the gang, living their adventures with them, laughing (alot) and learning about their miraculous new world beside them. Jayne's sense of humor and choice of words are constantly cracking me up. I really don't think I've had this much fun reading a book in a very long time, if ever. This is only the second book I've read by Elle Casey but I've already given this great author a folder of her own on my Kindle because I plan on reading everything she's written. I really advise anyone who enjoys reading to check these books out. You won't be sorry.