Darkness & Light (War of the Fae, #3)

Darkness & Light (War of the Fae, #3) - Elle Casey Things are definitely starting to heat up in Darkness and Light: Book 3 of War of the Fae. The fist two books dealt with Jayne and her friends finding out they were Fae and dealt with their training and how they reacted to finding themselves in an extraordinary world with extraordinary powers. In Book 3 they're still training but the addition of Jayne's best friend to the Fae really amps up the level of that training and things start to heat up as the war between Light and Dark ignites.

I enjoyed the first two books alot and this one didn't disappoint. Jayne is still Jayne, crude language and all. Tim is still a crazy pixie with bad gas and all of their friends continue to evolve, grow and change (some in not so good of ways). This book was a little more intense than the last two due to certain events that take place along with the brewing war but as always the way Jayne deals with every situation is so much fun. I like that not all of my questions have been answered yet and I cannot wait to see what happens next. I also really enjoy that these stories are not predictable. I have no idea what's going to happen next most of the time and anything and everything can and will happen. It really keeps you on your toes. The writing is superb and Mrs. Casey really has a way with words. There's just something special about this series that brings a smile to my face, it's impossible to have a bad day after reading them (maybe they have some type of pixie spell on them?).