After the Fall (Clash of the Otherworlds, #1) - Elle Casey

After the Fall - Elle Casey

I don't know how Elle Casey does it but somehow each book just gets better and better! Clash of the Otherworlds picks up immediately right after New World Order (War of the Fae book 4) and doesn't let up until the very last page. I love how each book leaves off in a cliffhanger and not a normal to be continued cliffhanger either but a Lol OMG WTF, My brain will explode unless I get to read the next book cliffhanger.


Jayne and all her friends are back but this time around they have to deal with problems on a cosmic scale. New friends and enemies are introduced and Jayne is still nearly clueless when it comes to her abilities and the fae world in which she inhabits although she still manages to kick serious butt. Her language is still just as colorful and having Tim and his family around make it so hilarious. Nothing like a baby pixie going around repeating the one word or words that you don't want him to repeat to brighten your day.


This is truly a great book, so good in fact that I went ahead and put off getting the Infernal Devices 3 which comes out in a few days so that I could buy the rest of this series along with the first book in the Apocalypsis series. There's just something infectious about Elle Casey's writing. I'm a fast reader but not usually this fast. I couldn't put this book down and have missed a lot of sleep these last two weeks and I've enjoyed every minute of it. Be sure to read War of the Fae first so you'll know what's going on and enjoy this book even more. You might not get much sleep reading them but you'll have a blast. Once again Elle Casey has outdone herself proving why she has so quickly become one of my favorite all time authors.

One of my many favorite passages from Clash of the Otherworlds Book 1 After the Fall:

"I'll have you know that the fruit of my loins? ... It's passionfruit, baby. Passionfruit"
"More like fruit loops,"

I've never used bookmarks or highlights on my Kindle but some of the stuff being said in this book was just too funny so now I have Mrs. Casey to thank for learning how to use these features :)