Exodus just might be the best book I've ever read!

Exodus  - Elle Casey

I have no idea how Elle Casey does it. Every book is a masterpiece. There's never a slow or dull moment nor is there ever a dip in the plot. Usually in most books there's at least a boring passage or two but Mrs. Casey's books never have a dull moment. She can make a simple conversation between friends just as exciting and fun as a big fight scene. In fact some of my favorite moments in her books are just when her characters are interacting, making fun of each other or just eating lunch. The characters are so real and vivid that I find myself missing them when once I've finished a series. I keep forgetting to put this in a review so I'd like to give some major props to the person or persons who does her covers. I always flip to the covers on my Kindle and I've always been amazed at how nice hers are and how realistic they look. That's some major talent.

After the events in Warpaint I knew Bryn was about to come to a huge turning point in her life. She's just too natural of a leader who is a good person and wants to do something to change the world and isn't afraid to defend those she cares about. She also refuses to turn away those who are in need. Whether she knows it or not she's becoming a symbol of hope for so many people. I'm a little disappointed in a few characters because of their actions but the series isn't over yet and there's no telling what will happen. I can't really think of any way I can talk about any of the characters without ruining something at this point so I'm just going to recommend that if you've read the previous two books in Apocalypsis then you really need to read this one. Each book just gets better and better and the characters grow on you more and more as you go. I'm only sad that it is all going to end next book. I'd be happy reading a few dozen books on all of these rich characters. I'm so glad I read the Changelings and found this author. To think that I may have somehow missed this awesome series is crazy. This book is just another reason why Elle Casey is my favorite author.