Portal Guardians (Clash of the Otherworlds, #3) - Elle Casey

Portal Guardians - Elle Casey

This was an exceptional book! Clash of the Otherworlds along with it's predecessor series War of the Fae are now my favorite fantasy series. This book was just so good! All of my questions were answered and all of my favorite characters ended exactly where they should and with who they should. One thing I don't like sometimes in a book, especially a series is when they end it right after the final battle and the good guys walk into the sunset or something. I like to know how everyone is doing after the big final confrontation is over and I was so happy that this book did that. There were several chapters left to go after the final fight and we get to see how everyone's doing, where they're at, who they end up with, etc. and it was just a perfect ending. Jayne ended up with the person I was hoping she would end up with :) This book along with the whole series was just so much fun to read. I don't think I've ever laughed so much reading before, especially when Jayne and Tim are doing something. Their dialogue just cracks me up.

I ended up reading this one in just one day. I notice a lot of people in the reviews section saying the same thing. It's really really hard to put these books down. I would be happy reading another 20 books about Jayne and all her fae friends but unfortunately all good things must come to an end. If Elle Casey ever decides to revisit this world I'll definitely do a happy dance but if not then that's cool too, I'm sure she has other wonderful worlds just waiting to be created. There's just something very magical about her writing and I cannot wait to read more from her. War of the Fae along with Clash of the Otherworlds are two series that I will be reading again and again someday in the future.