A Pefect Ending To A Perfect Series!!!

Haven  - Elle Casey

I just finished Haven the final book of Apocalypsis and I'm very sad to see it end. I had to wait a few minutes to dry my eyes before posting. I'm just glad nobody was here to see me, they'd think I'm crazy, crying one minute then smiling like a lunatic the next. The book literally ended perfectly. There are a few things I'd like to know but that's part of the magic of books, I can make up my own stories in my head and daydream about all the characters I've grown to love over the course of this series. These characters became my friends and family while I read about their trials and tribulations. I laughed beside them, cried with them and felt fear when they did. Elle Casey is a masterful storyteller who has a unique voice all her own in the literary world. I've never been sucked so completely into a story as the way I am when reading her books. There's just something very refreshing about the way she writes. Her characters are vivid and three dimensional and I can totally relate to them. I love how there's never a dull moment even if her characters are doing something dull or mundane such as sharing a meal or going swimming. She somehow makes each and every page an exciting page turner. There are never any chapters or pages that you want to just hurry up and get through so you can get back to the good part. Every single page is the good part.

Bryn is just totally awesome and she turned into the person I suspected she would be. She totally rocks and is the glue that holds everyone together. She is strong and a natural leader and I really enjoyed reading from her perspective. I'm really happy how most of the things turned out. Obviously it's a dangerous world and bad things do happen. I admit I was pretty shocked at a few events and actually cried at several points which is no small thing for me. I'm not very easy to make cry at all. I'm very happy how everything ended and who all everyone ended up with. I truly hope one day maybe Mrs. Casey will revisit this extraordinary world and that we can all read more adventures in this world even if it's from a different character or a different group of characters points of view. If not then I'll still have this great series to read again along with new ones. I'd really like to know what happened to one character so if you ever feel like coming back to Apocalypsis you can count on me for the journey. I also think this series would make a awesome movie(s) and or TV Mini Series. Thank you for this incredible series. Words cannot express how much I enjoyed it.