Spectacular Sequel!!!

Reckless  - Elle Casey

Feeling a little Reckless and need some adventure? Then this is the book for you. During Wrecked: Jonathan, Sarah, Candi and Kevin were shipwrecked on a seemingly deserted island and learned how to live in the wild while learning a lot about themselves. Each character matured and grew on each other while growing on us the readers. Finally they pretty much rescued themselves and ended up coming home. Each of them changed in various ways. Jonathans endless bank of knowledge became very useful, Candi slowly came out of her shell realizing she was not only beautiful but brave and smart. Kevin became the person he was on the inside and learned to allow others to see his true self and Sarah learned to let others past the wall she had built around herself. So now in Reckless they should be home, safe and sound right? Wrong! I was afraid that after being stranded on an island that there really wouldn't be much action in this book compared to the first one and I was way wrong.

Once again the characters are very well fleshed out and they have to work as a team to stay alive and help each other. I love how Jonathan, Sarah, Kevin and Candi fit so well together and how they've realized as a family they can accomplish so much more than by themselves. What began as a fun adventure in Wrecked becomes a defining moment in this group of young adults lives that will forever change them. I really enjoyed watching everyone mature in so many different ways and how their self training on the island aided them in this book. There was a person in the first book that I so hated and I was very happy to see their personal problems resolved in this one. There were a lot of very fun moments, my favorite being when Sarah was trying to lay down in a hammock but there was also a lot of tense moments also. I was very sad towards the end but can't really say much without giving it away so I'll just let you'll know that I was very pleased with the ending. Actually I think I can say the ending was perfect. If you love a good action book with deep characters who you can relate to then give Reckless a try (make sure you read Wrecked first though) and then check out War of the Fae, Clash of the Otherworlds and Apocalypsis. They're all awesome series. I'm only sad that I read it all in one sitting instead of savoring it but it's impossible to slow down with Elle Casey's books. Oh, I almost forgot I really liked Xena and James too, poor Xena and Sarah have so much in common. I'm going to miss these characters but you never know, maybe one day we'll see them again. Reckless is just another reason why Elle Casey is my favorite author. Thank you.