Duality: Vol 1, Melancholia - Elle Casey

Melancholia  - Elle Casey

Very Original and Entertaining!!!


I really don't know how Elle Casey does it time and time again. Usually during an authors career they'll write at least one book or story that just isn't as good or as fun as their other works but not Elle, this is the 16th book of hers that I've read and each and every single book she has put out is freaking amazing. A lot of her books have one big thing in common: every single page is fun to read. There's never a dull moment and the pace is always perfect.

Duality: Vol 1, Melancholia is probably one of the most original stories I've read. There's always certain themes in a lot of books that you see over and over again but I can honestly say I've never read anything quite like this. Malcolm and Rae are also unique individuals. Malcolm was born? with the unfortunate ability of negatively influencing those around him. People who are depressed and who like to live in the dark seek him out, almost stalking him and too much of Malcolm can send them over the edge of despair while Rae has the opposite problem. She makes everyone around her happy, too happy and those around her especially the "Rainbows" quickly become addicted to her and will do anything to get closer to her whether she likes it or not. Neither one of them can get too close to anyone, have friends or be normal. At least they never have been able to before but they're about to run into one another changing everything they always thought may or may not be possible.

You can't help but feel for both characters. It's sad that they can't be normal or allow anyone close to them which is something that everyone can relate to. Who hasn't felt alone and different at one time or another? But it's not all frowns, there's plenty of the good stuff too. Conspiracy theories, action, attempted kidnappings, a little romance all wrapped up in a refreshing unique story. What's not to love? Malcolm's new friend Kootch is a blast and will have you laughing with every scene he's in and Jasmine is just plain awesome, she's rebellious yet a good person and her interactions with Kootch are pretty insane. There's just something about Elle Casey's writing that is not only addictive but refreshing and fun. Kudos to her for coming up with such an original and unique story.