Duality: Volume 2, Euphoria - Elle Casey

Duality: Vol 2, Euphoria (A New Adult Paranormal Romance) - Elle Casey

Fantastically Original! Another Great Book!


Every time I read an Elle Casey book I always come away feeling like it's the best book I've ever read, then the next book comes out and I get to feel that way all over again. Duality Vol 2: Euphoria picks up right where Melancholia left off. Rae and Malcolm are on the run from an evil organization which wants to use their unique powers for their own purposes. But this time neither character is alone. With the help of their friends Jasmine (Jazzy) and Kootch along with Jasmine's ex-military conspiracy theory parents they leave town, on the run, trying to stay one step ahead of those who wish to use them. Malcolm and Rae's powers and lives have been the exact opposite of each others. Rae can cause people to be happy: too happy and has lived a sheltered yet rich life while Malcolm can cause people misery and has been in foster home after foster home living in utter poverty yet both of them have so much in common. They've never been able to allow anyone close to them for fear of what they could accidently them or themselves. Now together they have finally found the one thing they never thought they would have, someone to love, friends, and a normal life because together they can be normal, they're dual powers cancel each other out and they don't have to live in fear so everything should be perfect, except for the fact that they are being chased by an evil organization which will stop at nothing to possess them and their abilities.

Euphoria much like it's predecessor was extremely original. I loved the twist on paranormal powers and how for most of their lives their powers were a curse and not something any sane person would want to live with. Elle Casey's books are always fun and entertaining and her characters always have very strong personalities. They're the kind of people you can't but help wishing were real. The story was fast paced and full of action with a bit of romance and her words always flow so well that I usually don't even notice I'm reading a book, it's just one big movie screen in my mind. Mostly though I think this book (actually all of her books) are just so full of life. I really don't even know how else to describe it. I can't help feeling that my life is enriched each and every time I read one of her books and Euphoria was no exception. Books are a special kind of magic and every time I read one of Elle Casey's books I'm reminded of that fact. So go out and get Duality Vol: 1 if you haven't already and then read this one and allow a little bit of magic into your lives.