Fantastic Book!!!

My Vampire Summer - Elle Casey

Elle Casy writes like no other author out there. Her books transport you to other times and places, her characters have an extraordinary amount of depth to them and they easily become your friends or family while you're living in their world. My Vampire Summer is a novella about Iona Candella and her best friend Cheri who along with Iona's mom take a trip to beautiful Sommieres in France. Iona is a bookworm and plans to spend her time in France reading a hundred books on her Kindle but her friend Cheri who's pretty wild has other plans which include getting Iona to come out of her shell and have a bit of fun. They spend their trip roaming around the countryside visiting Sommieres which Mrs. Casey describes in beautiful detail and get to know some of the locals. Cheri meets a handsome young local named Philippe while Iona runs into the mysterious good looking Francois who as it turns out is much more than he appears. An ancient curse, the supernatural, romance, along with action and adventure all wrapped in the beautiful scenery of France makes My Vampire Summer a compelling read.

I have a love/hate relationship with novellas. I think it's harder to write a good shorter story than it probably is to write a full novel because you have less pages to flesh everything out on. So I also usually find myself wanting more out of a novella and only a handful of really good authors seem to do the format justice. So with that said let me assure you that Mrs. Casey fits into the love category with her novella. My Vampire Summer reads and feels more like a full novel than a novella, it's actually quite long. Not that I didn't want more, which I did but that's only because the book was so good just like all of her books. She could write a thousand page novel and I'd still want more. I hope My Vampire Fall will be out soon because I'd love to pick up where I left off and see what is in store for Iona next. This was another great Elle Casey book and is just another reason why she's my all time favorite author.