Full Measure (Desperate Measures Trilogy: Book 1) - Kat Lee (Elle Casey)

Full Measure - Kat Lee

 Absolutely Outstanding!!!


- Warning Might Contain Slight Spoilers - Plus another super long book review....by JamiesBookBlog (haha, bet you thought I was gonna say me)

I loved this book so much. I've been saving Full Measure for a while now just in case I started having Elle Casey Withdrawals too badly. I just finished Shine Not Burn which is her new romance novel out and yes it's awesome. After reading it I didn't want to read anything else and couldn't wait an entire month for another one of her books so decided to treat myself with a double feature. I am so glad I did. This just might be one of my favorite books ever. Kat Lee AKA Elle Casey's books always have strong characters and are very character driven so I knew going in I was probably going to like it but was still surprised at how much I enjoyed it. It's so nice to always have my already high expectations exceeded every single time I read one of her books. There's just something different and unique with the way she writes. Her books are easy to read yet have a great deal of depth. They are always practically error free which is always a plus and the only downside is finishing the book and wishing it could just go on forever.

I simply loved the characters. Aimee is such a sweet woman who despite her jerk of an ex husband still manages to love others. It's so easy to let hate consume you yet she doesn't do that. Caring about your friends, loving others and finding happiness in life are all talents Aimee possesses in spades, talents that are truly the mark of a strong person. Within the first few pages I hated Jack with a passion and that hatred just grew and grew over the course of the book. I've never in all my life wished I could just teleport into a story and beat someone senseless as I did in this book which is truly a testament to the authors skill. Good books should always illicit an emotional response from the readers and Full Measure did that in spades. I was happy, angry, sad. I laughed along with the characters and cried when they did. I shared in their triumphs and pain. All three characters are just so easy to love and once again I find myself wishing that the characters in her books were real people that I could have the honor of knowing. Kiki is completely awesome, beautiful and bold while being such a good friend and a good person while Elizabeth is truly a whiz. I enjoyed seeing the different sides of all three characters especially Elizabeth who was an accountant and was always stuck in such a boring job. It was fun to see her let go a bit and have some fun as she realized that just because she had a plain and boring job that didn't mean she had to be plain or boring. And then there's Betty. OMG that old lady is a hoot! She's like 90 something years old or so and looks around a hundred. When Aimee asked her what her secret to longevity was and she replied "Sex, drugs and rock n' roll" I completely fell in love with her character. I would really love to see much more of her in the next books. She completely steals every scene she's in.

Gah, two paragraphs and I still haven't covered everything I wanted to, which alone should tell you how awesome this book is. I cannot wait too read more. I want to watch as their business takes shape and see more of Joe who is so awesome. I can't wait to see what happens when Brent realizes where he recognizes Kiki from and I want to know more about Sebastian. That fateful day that the three girls all decided to attend a book lovers meeting forever changed their lives. A love of books brought them all together but their friendship and love for each other is what gave them the courage to take a chance and grab life by the horns because sometimes life calls for desperate measures. Such a great book.