Great Fantasy Book!

Lark - Erica Cope

(Note: This is one of the first free Kindle books I read.  Since then I've expanded and have read a lot of really great books. If I was to read this today I would probably only grade it 3.5 stars.  I refuse to go back and change any of my ratings though, not only is it not fair to the authors but it's not fair to myself.  I love to see how I felt about older books I'd read and how much my tastes have changed since then.  Definitely not a five star book to me anymore but it was a decent fun read.  So here's a super small me!)


I really enjoyed Lark. The fact that the book was about elves was a nice change of pace from all of the usual angels/vampires, etc. Quite original and refreshing. I cannot wait to read it's sequel and highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy. Give it a try, it's only .99 cents at the moment. You can't beat that. Great book!!!