Intensely Dark, Beautiful and Heartbreaking!

Find You in the Dark  - A. Meredith Walters

It's very hard to sum up in words how I feel about Find You in the Dark. The cover of this book along with it's subject matter just kept calling to me so finally I relented and purchased it only to discover how incredibly amazing this book was. I'd like to give A. Meridith Walters some major props for taking on the daunting task of writing about the affects of mental health problems. It's not an easy subject to write or read about, much less to live with which I know from personal experience. She managed to capture so much of the darkness inside those of us with similar problems, all the while showing the hints of light and beauty inside of someone who is deeply afflicted. This wasn't an easy read, much like Clay's emotions, it was a roller coaster of intense ups and downs. At times I felt like I was watching a train wreck, too fascinated to turn away yet shocked and horrified at the same time. From the first chapter you know this is not your average happily ever after book. The fact that the author was able to show how Clay's illness not only affected himself but also those around him, including Maggie is a testament to the authors knowledge and skill as a writer. Far too often those like Maggie who are subjected to this type of relationship also develop their own brand of illness, the relationship became quite toxic as Clay's darkness seeped into her very soul.

I cannot give this book enough praise and believe everyone, whether you know someone with a mental illness or not should read this book. Brilliantly written, well thought out and truly a magnificent heart breaking story. But there is a hint of light, there is a sequel: Light in the Shadows which I highly recommend to anyone who enjoyed this story. Also the smaller novella Cloud Walking is an additional treat for anyone who wants to see Rachael and Daniels love begin to blossom and gives a look at how Maggie's best friends viewed their relationship and shows the power of true friendship. Excellent book. Thank you for tackling such a tough subject.