Vampire Gold (Vampire for Hire, #7.6)

Vampire Gold (Vampire for Hire, #7.6) - J.R. Rain Once again J.R. Rain proves why he's won my trust and admiration as an author. I will pretty much buy anything he puts out and especially enjoy his Samantha Moon or Vampire for Hire series. There's a few short stories to go with the Samantha Moon story but they're all very short - like 2-4 pages but I had fun with them. I appreciate Mr. Rain's sense of humor and his stories always bring a smile to my face. The Samantha Moon story takes up most of the book and was a fun, light read. Samantha Moon is hired to find a buried treasure from the grandson of a crazy grandfather who hid it somewhere. There's a treasure map with a big red X along with four riddles to solve and whoever finds it gets the treasure. After a few years of searching most of the family members give up leaving one man to try and hire Samantha. It was a fun and heartwarming story and it even had a hint of what may be to come in his next book along with a reference or two from Moon Island. All in all this book was a enjoyable read and I can't wait for more Samantha Moon books to come out!