Kidowed - Jessica Kenley Kidowed was a raw and unflinching look at the life of a young mother who struggles with the horror of having two infants with the deadly disease Epidermolysis Bullosa. I'd never even heard of the disease before reading this book and do not even truly have the words to express how I feel to this strong lady who has had the courage to invite us into her world full of pain, anguish, self loathing and pure angst all wrapped up with snarky humor. The books is actually a set of journal entries covering a span of a couple of years starting right after the birth of her daughter. She had already lost one child to this disease and once again had to face a horror that no sane person should ever have to face. We are given a brief glance into each day in her life and struggles and while there is no "bright light" at the end of this tunnel things aren't quite as dark at the end. There is hope, a possibility of a new beginning yet one tinged with the memories and sorrow from her past.

I'm not the kind of guy who cries easily, actually I never cry. It doesn't matter how much of a tearjerker a movie or book is I can always hold it in check but not with this book. I cried through most of the first half. I was angry, depressed, horrofied and filled with sorrow and that's just from reading her tale. I can't imagine how awful it had to be for her to live it. I wish Jessica Kenley nothing but the best and I pray that she will find peace and happiness and that her pain will lessen over time. Thank you for this wonderful book. I actually downloaded it for free the other day but I'm going to buy it and send it to a friend. I just don't feel that I deserve this book for free. Mrs. Kensley bared her soul to me and the world and has moved me in ways no other book has so I feel that it would be horribly irresponsible of me not to pay for this great book.

As a warning I want to let people know that this book is not an easy read at all. I wanted to stop so many times just because it was that hard to keep going but then I reminded myself that she actually had to live through this and so I kept going. I'm very ashamed of how I've let so many "little problems" get in the way during the course of my life while she had to go through so much pain that I can't even completely comprehend it all. I have a greater appreciation for life now and will strive to no longer take so much for granted. Anyone who's dealt with loss should read this, especially those who have lost their children. The rest of us can learn from this too. This book has been very educational and I believe all medical professionals should HAVE to read this.