Zombie Patrol (Walking Plague, #1)

Zombie Patrol (Walking Plague, #1) - J.R. Rain,  Elizabeth Basque Wow! I loved every second of this book and cannot wait for more! I pre-ordered Zombie Patrol a day or two ago and couldn't stop reading it today. J.R. Rain is one of my favorite authors and I quickly snatch up anything he puts out. I know that when I'm getting one of his books that it's going to be a fun and exciting story. With that being said I've never read on of his collaborations until now. I've read most of his books: the Vamire for Hire series (my personal favorite - now along with Zombie Patrol), his Jim Knighthorse and Spinoza series, Elvis has not left the building and The Body Departed (great ghost story - brought a tear to my eyes) along with most of his short story collections. So I wasn't sure if I'd like this one as much but it was everything and more than what I've come to expect from Mr. Rain. I haven't ready anything from Elizabeth Basque yet but after this book I definitely intend to check her works out.

In Zombie Patrol Jack Carter is a Forest Ranger who deals with wild animals, drug runners and the occassional criminal. He's also a single father who's going through all the things a normal father do rasing a teenage daughter on his own. He has to deal with Anna's grwoing up, starting to like boys and becoming more independent and if that wasn't enough now he has to also deal with a Zombie Invasion. One day Jack's brother Joey (A Navy Officer) and a friend show up on his doorstep sick with what seems like at the time your average flu bug but it's not the flu and Jack's about to learn that being a father and brother are about to get alot tougher in this new zombie ridden world.

I'd like to let everyone know that this story is a bit darker than Rain's usual stories. His characters are every bit as real. They're heroic yet flawed, caring yet make mistakes. The plot flows almost effortlessly and it's easy to get caught up in Jake's life while he tries to figure out how to help his family and keep his daughter safe. I really cared about the characters and found myself at the edge of my seat with worry in more than one spot in the story. I can honestly say I haven't been this excited about a new series in a long time. I truly cannot wait for the next one. I need to know what's going to happen next!!!