The Bleeder and Other Stories - J.R. Rain I absolutely love everything J.R. Rain has ever written and will buy anything he writes. He is one of my all time favorites now who has earned my trust. I know that when I purchase a book from him that it's going to be a blast and these stories were alot of fun to read. He has a great imagination and there's just something about his stories that speak to me. The Bleder and Silo were both very interesting stories and I cant wait for the second half of Deal with the Devil (it was originally written for a graphic novel but the company fell through). The Back of Beyond was a fun tale also. Honestly I think that Black Rain: 17 Dark Tales is a much better value. It's 4.99 and has all of these tales along with a whole bunch of other ones some of which are just great: the one with the sentient refrigerator come to mind. But if you don't want to pay that much then these tales will do you just fine. Both collections are enjoyable though so just sit back and enjoy yourself.