The Vampire in the Iron Mask (Spinoza Series #3) - J.R. Rain,  Elizabeth Basque And so the Spinoza series comes to a conclusion. Right next to The Vampire for Hire series this one is my favorite. These books were just so much fun to read! J.R. Rain knows how to tell a good story and how to wrap things up nicely while still leaving room for the future in case he ever wants to revisit these characters. This book was excellent and practially brought tears to my eyes.

For the third and final volume in the Spinoza Trilogy Spinoza is hired to look into a person who may be being held against their will at a Medievel Times like place. Every day for the show someone is wheeled out in a Hannibal Lecter type cage and then wheeled back in and down an elevator. The worker who hired Spinoza has never seen this "actor" before. Nobody knows who it is and nobody seems to want to talk about what may or may not be in the basement. So Spinoza does what he does best and along the way runs into an old friend who he saved in the first book. Together they work to unravel the mystery of the person in the Iron Mask and in the process must face a growing evil yet one question remains. Is the thing in the Iron Mask there for a reason. Is it good or bad? Read to find out.

I love how Mr. Rain throws in characters from other books here and there or mentions them. In each book we either get hear about and see other characters such as Jim Knighthorse, Elvis and even a mention of Samantha Moon. It's these fun little things along with the awesome stories and his great sense of humor which always keeps me coming back for more. I loved every minute of this book and hope to see Veronica and Natassa in their own series or maybe even show up in the Vampire for Hire books.