Have Stakes, Will Travel (Jane Yellowrock, #4.5)

Have Stakes, Will Travel (Jane Yellowrock, #4.5) - Faith Hunter I've read each and every Jane Yellowrock book by Faith Hunter including all the short stories and I've enjoyed them all immensely. Whether you're new to Jane Yellowrock or an old veteran you'll enjoy these short stories although I honestly think you'll enjoy them a whole lot more if you read the Jane Yellowrock series first. Trust me, if you like Urban Fantasy in any of it's forms then you'll love this series. Much like Cat's Tales we get 4 more short stories with Have Stakes Will Travel and much like Cat's Tales I enjoyed each one of them.

In Have Stakes Will Travel the four tales are:

1. We Sa and the Lumber King - A story set in Beast's point of view during the Hunger Times.

2. Haints - Molly is hired to look into a haunted house and Jane comes along with her and they end up finding alot more than ghosts. Set in Molly's point of view. (Also look for the reference from We Sa and the Lumber King. Hint: it has to do with who used to own the Haunted House)

3. Signature of the Dead - This is the story that gave Jane her name. The first big vampire hunt where she took out that rogue family along with Molly and thier friend who is a cop. This is set in Molly's point of view. I really like seeing Jane through other people's eyes and this tale was very good.

4. Cajun With Fants - This story takes place soon afte Raven Cursed and is set in Jane's point of view. While traveling home to New Orleans her bike goes out on her and she's stuck in a small town with a brewing war between some Vampires and Witches who do not care about the Vampire Carta. They do things their own way. This is a very interesting story and I really enjoyed it alot.

Along with these stories you get a nice introduction from the author and a new updated timeline with all of the books in it so you'll know exactly where all the short stories fit in. As with Cat's Tales I think these stories are a blast and are a true bargain at that price. I enjoyed the stories very much and look forward to more.