A Spell of Vengeance (Thieftaker Chronicles )

A Spell of Vengeance - D.B. Jackson D.B. Jackson AKA David B. Coe is one of my favorite fantasy authors. A Spell of Vengeance is a stand alone story set before his new and awesome book Thieftaker. If you haven't read Thieftaker yet then do so immediatly and buy this first. It's a great introduction to Ethan Kaille a Thieftaker set in the Pre Revolutionary Boston era. On it's own it's a great story. I believe it's much harder to write a great short story than a good novel and David B. Coe mastered this gift a long time ago. For those of you who have read Thieftaker then you're in for a treat with A Spell of Vengeance. Up until the main villian in Thieftaker Ethan Kaille's hardest challenge had been a Speller named Nate Ramsey who you'll hear mention of a few times in Thieftaker. This tale is about their meeting when Ethan is hired by two merchants to protect them from a powerful conjurer. Also you get to see the beginning of Ethan and Kannice's romance start to bloom. Before the two of them were together they had a mutual attraction and Ethan spent alot of time at her bar and in this story you get to see the exact moment when their relationship changes. Alot of things happen which is pretty awesome for a short story plus it's only a buck. For all the time and effort he spent writing this I sure hope more people will take notice and read this wonderful story, especially if they liked the Thieftaker.