Moon Island (Vampire for Hire, #7)

Moon Island (Vampire for Hire, #7) - J.R. Rain I've read each Vampire for Hire book and somehow J.R. Rain manages to do the impossible and that's to make something that's already great just get better and better with each book. I don't know if it's because of the smaller-form factor of his books or the fact that each one has a self contained story with an with an overreaching story-arch that flows through each book much like a soap opera. Maybe it's his wit and humor or the romance and gut wrenching drama. Or maybe it's a combination of all of the above. Whatever it is he's definetly onto something. Samantha Moon has become a staple in my house and I eagerly look forward to each new book in the series.

This time Samantha Moon finds herself investigating a seemingly normal death of a gentelemen who drowned in his pool but this time it's on a mysterious ilsand complete with tales of sunken pirate ships, lost booty and even a pirate curse. Even with all that things are not what they seem on this island and now Samantha must meet her greatest challenge yet. (I know I say that everytime but it's true everytime) As the forces of darkenss grow Samantha seems to be rushing headlong towards her destiny. Once again Samantha Moon continues to evolve and grow. We get to briefly meet a new boyfriend and Samantha is once again faced with some difficult choices. Will she listen to her inner demon or her conscience? Find out in J.R. Rains latest isntallment.

What is it about cool pirate islands that authors seem to be drawn too? I don't know but when it works it works and J.R. Rain manages to capture it well. I'm always amazed at Mr. Rains writing, the way he can make you laugh in one sentence and cry in the next. Great book!!!