The Scourge (Brilliant Darkness Book #1) - A.G. Henley

The Scourge (Brilliant Darkness #1) - A.G. Henley

Outstanding! Loved Every Minute of It!!!


I'd been eyeing this book for a while and was out of good books to read so I thought I'd give it a try so I sent the sample to my Kindle and instantly fell in love with the story. I was so drawn into it that I'd forgotten it was a sample and when it ended I immediately bought the book and clicked as fast as I could to get back to where I was at. This is just one of those stories that sucks you in and you never want to leave. Halfway through the book I noticed I wasn't even seeing any of the words, I was there with Fenn and Peree, adventuring right beside them, seeing everything they see, or didn't see in Fenn's case and sharing their journey.

I love Dystopian books and I absolutely love the type of setting in this book. Even though there's horrible things going on, there's just something about a society that lives off the land that greatly appeals to me. I'm too much of a wuss to do it myself but I do love to daydream about it so this book gave me a lot to daydream about. The Scourge is a very character driven story. Sure there's action but the real meat of the story is in the characters and A.G. Henley does a great job of bringing them to life. What really impressed me was the way she described the world through the eyes of Fenn who is blind. I was wondering how a book could be descriptive with the main character being unable to see yet she handled it beautifully. You get a full detail of every little thing Fenn encounters, not only through her sharp senses but also through the eyes of those around her. I was simply amazed at how detailed this world is. I also enjoyed the fact that it's not just your average run of the mill zombie horde. There's some nice twists in this book that fit so well with the overall theme of the story.

It looks as if this was A.G. Henley's first book which impresses me even more. Not only is it a wonderful story that's beautifully written but it's also extremely well edited. I didn't find a single error or anything to distract me from my wonderful reading experience. It seems all too often some independent authors take editing for granted so it's very nice to see those that put their heart and souls into their work. It shows here and for that she deserves to be congratulated. I will definitely be buying the next book and recommend this book to anyone who loves strong characters, a great storyline with rich detail and a bit of romance. If you're looking for something a bit different then give The Scourge a try, you'll be glad that you did.