Island Of Fog (Island of Fog Book 1) - Keith Robinson

Island of Fog  - Keith  Robinson

Great story for children of all ages!


I see a lot of reviews stating that Island of the Fog: Book 1 is a great children's book and it is but it's so much more than that. I'm nearly 40 and enjoyed the book very much. Not only is the book kid friendly but you will also find yourself loving it just as much as your children do. The world is hauntingly familiar yet contains many elements of fantasy and lore. Most of the time I don't really enjoy reading a book about children. Only a handful of very good authors seem to do books with kids as the main characters justice. They're able to get inside the kids complex mind or they are able to recall what it was like to be younger and treat them with the intelligence and respect that they deserve without making them too cliché. Books like Harry Potter or His Dark Materials are great examples. And of course on the other end you have YA books where the authors put way too much emphasis on action instead of characters or story and manage to only paint a mere shadow of the complexity of young adults. Bad examples like The Maze Runner which while a fun read did not manage to capture any depth with the children it portrays.


So Island of the Fog was a welcome treat and is very character driven. The characters are complex and vivid and the storyline keeps you hooked until the very last page. The action is used to enhance the story and it does so nicely. For everyone who's ever dreamed of Dragons, unicorns, large sea serpents, centaurs, fairies and Ogre's then this is the book for you. It manages to capture the child within us all and I am greatly looking forward to the next one.