Lost (Lost and Found #1) - Nadia Simonenko

Lost - Nadia Simonenko

Beautiful Story!!!


I was in the process of reading a different book but just wasn't into it and really wanted some type of romance book. I've just recently become addicted to romance novels thanks to Elle Casey's Shine Not Burn and so I went to Amazon and ended up downloading Lost. I really like romance books that have a bit of a darker edge. Books like this and Find You in the Dark by A. Meredith Walters. I guess I just relate better to broken people being one myself and although I've never been abused by anyone but myself I can still relate to these types of characters but it's not so much that I like reading about abused or broken people, I enjoy the whole aspect of redemption, light and finding love for those who are different, messed up or have had a lot of problems whether they are self inflected problems, abuse by others or mental problems. I just really enjoy that light at the end of a dark tunnel and Lost gave me exactly that.

Nadia Simonenko writes beautifully and it's obvious she takes her writing seriously. There wasn't a typo or error to be found in this book which is always nice. The characters were very fleshed out and were easy to relate to, care about and root for all the while you're anger at what was done to them just grows and grows with each page. Each time Maria fumbles around a stranger or becomes scared it just made me angry that someone would do this to her just like each time Owen relives his past I just wanted to teleport into the book and beat his father black and blue. Both characters have many scars, some of them are flesh deep and others are much deeper. Their nightmares haunt them both in their sleep and in the waking world and you can't help but to root for them with every tiny baby step they make towards each other and embracing a life without pain and horror. The author does a lovely job of letting you into the characters head and it's as if you're right there beside them through the whole journey. The author deserves some major props for tackling such tough subjects as rape and abuse and for not sugar coating anything. There's nothing nice about abuse whether it's mental or physical and there's no easy way to talk about it sometimes but she handles the subject with a deft touch. I only wish someone had called the cops on Owens dad when he showed up. That creep should be in prison but unfortunately much like in real life a lot of people do not do this. I imagine that it's very hard when someone you love is the one who is abusing you. There are a lot of conflicting emotions but when it's a parent there's still some love no matter how horribly they've hurt you. Even though they're not deserving of that love it's hard not to want acceptance and love from a parent or sibling and you can't just turn that off even if it's in your best interest.

I've already started the second book, I just had to see what was going to happen next. There were a lot of very sweet moments to counteract the darker moments in the book and I highly recommend Lost. If you're a fan of romance, of redemption and happiness no matter how bleak things may look or if you've ever dealt with these types of situations personally then I think you should read this book. There's a lot of good things to take away from it. I think Owen and Marie could probably use a lot of therapy but finding each other has been really good for both of them. Such a good book and I enjoyed it a lot.