Found (Lost and Found #2) - Nadia Simonenko

Found - Nadia Simonenko

Heartbreaking and Touchingly Beautiful. A True Inspiration!


I enjoyed Lost quite a bit and was extremely surprised by how much more I enjoyed Found. I only wish that Amazon would allow me to give this book 10 stars, it deserves so many more than five. Once again the writing was extremely beautiful and the characters were perfectly flawed. Found drew out so many emotions from me: Anger, sadness, pain, joy, loss, happiness, hope and more joy. I can't even come up with enough words to describe the full range of how I felt reading this book. Owen and Marie were so broken and lost and so very perfect for each other. Both managed to come away from their past with love in their hearts and were such kind caring people which is no small feat even without their past. I admired both characters very much and I enjoyed the fact that every moment together wasn't a bed of roses. They had their share of ups and downs and both of them did things that they shouldn't have but in the end their love for each other kept them going. Without giving anything away I just want to say that I'm very glad that certain things happened with both characters. After a certain event they made a huge decision and much like in real life I believe that neither one of them would have been able to move forward or to truly learn about love without making that decision. Although love is all you need sometimes love isn't enough. Relationships where each partner has to constantly lean on the other for support and strength can turn quite toxic really fast. And although love can heal anything it's also very important for people to learn that they must love themselves before they can experience the true joys of love with other people.

I love the fact that the author took on such a hard subject as abuse without sugar coating it in the slightest way. Without relying on the whole "all we need is each other" because even though they took their first steps together and do need each other they also need to live in the world, around other people and be a part of society so kudos to Nadia Simonenko for giving proper justice to these issues the characters had to deal with. I wish I could say more, I want to so bad but I don't want to ruin anything for anyone. If you enjoyed Lost then you'll love Found. The ending was perfect, the story was great, the characters were so real that I wouldn't have surprised if I found out the book was actually a autobiography of the two of them at the end lol. Simply incredible and I cannot wait to read more from this author. Thank you for sharing such an amazing story of hope and love with us.