Fearless - Devon Hartford

Fearless  - Devon Hartford

Outstanding Debut Novel!!!



Fearless was very much different from what I thought it would be - but in a totally good way. I think the author has definitely found his calling and I was extremely impressed how good this book was especially since it was his first. Judging by the cover I was thinking this was going to be your average badboy with lots of hot sex and a little story thrown in to fill the chapters up with and I was way off. Don't get me wrong, there were some pretty hot scenes but the book was just so much more than that. I've seen a few reviews that just didn't like Sam a whole lot or thought she was weak and I have to disagree. I totally get Samantha and understand exactly where she's coming from. I didn't think she was weak at all. She was just starved for affection. The past combined with her parents never really openly showing her love or encouragement were the reasons she was like she was. Yes she had a bit of a jealous streak but who doesn't? I mean if I was a chick and was going out with Adonis I'd probably be jealous too. But I liked the fact that she knew she was being unreasonable and even stopped herself so many times from making a comment or a scene. And honestly Adonis comes across as a bit of a manwhore when she first meets him so who could blame her for thinking the worst. Of course once she got to know him she constantly fought against her jealousy. She still had problems though. Because of her past she didn't feel that it was fair for her to enjoy life or to have love and the only love she'd ever really experienced turned out disastrous for her. In some ways she was very mature but in others she was still very much that sixteen year old that she'd been when everything changed. The ending alone proves how incredibly strong she is.

I love people who create for a living whether it's music, writing, painting, poetry, etc. The fact that Adonis is such a great artist really enhances the story and of course there's Sam who couldn't even recognize her own beauty much less the talent within her and I really enjoyed watching Adonis help to ignite that spark of creativity within her. Adonis was great, he was protective of Sam, kind, caring, good looking, could fight but never started trouble. As tough as he was it was nice to see that he also had a tender side to him and wasn't afraid to show his emotions or to cry on Sam's shoulder.

There were just so many stories within this story and I felt that it gave it a lot of depth. The supporting characters were awesome too. Every scene Romeo was in was a blast and Sam's best friend was the type of friend we should all be so lucky to have. The author did a great job of capturing Sam as a person and showing the story from her perspective. The art and mentoring were very well done. I really can't wait to read more. There was just so much going on that my mind is still whirling in a very good way. I think Devon Hartford knocked it out of the ballpark with this one and I can't wait to see if Samantha can be truly fearless.