Hopeless - Colleen Hoover

Hopeless  - Colleen Hoover

I Fell Hopelessly in Love with this Book!!!


If there was such a thing as a perfect book Hopeless would be it. The story doesn't just suck you in, it transforms you. You're still the same person after it's through but there's a little something extra that's been added to your life. The characters were unique and real with their own personalities and quirks like the way Sky just blurts out things that she is thinking or the way she normally doesn't let situations embarrass or bother her and then there's Holder who always pauses a bit before answering a question. Not because he wants to come up with the perfect answer but because he's analyzing the question from so many different angles and giving it the though it deserves so that when he does answer his response is the absolute perfect thing to say at the exact perfect time. I became so immersed in their story that I felt like I had known them for most of my life, they were like my friends and family. With every triumph I cheered and with every heartbreak I cried. I have never wanted so much to give two different people hugs as I did with Sky and Holder and I have never and I mean NEVER hated someone so much as I did a character in this book.

I've been reading a lot of books with similar themes in them lately and pretty much thought I'd seen and read it all but I was so wrong. This book had several twists and curves and while I saw one of them coming a different on totally caught me off guard and I never even thought of it even though it was hiding right in plain sight the whole time. It completely sucked the oxygen out of my lungs and hit me right in the chest. My world actually spun when it happened.

I so love Sky. She is beautiful, strong and was someone I wish I had the pleasure of knowing in real life. And Holder, good lord Holder. I actually feel kinda sorry for any boyfriends of the girls who read this. I just can't help feeling that all of us guys will compared to him and found wanting. He was just so perfect, flaws and all.

"I'm pretty sure we just broke the record for the best first kiss in the history of first kisses- without even kissing."

I have to say that first non-kiss kiss was probably one of the hottest kisses I've ever read about. Their whole relationship was just intense and I can only hope that one day I'll meet a woman and be able to pour all of the love and desire I feel into my eyes and gaze at her with the same type of intensity that Holder does with Sky. Everything he says and does is perfect but not because he's perfect even though he is. I know it doesn't make much sense but you'll have to read to understand. I was lost in their relationship. I cried when they did, I laughed along beside them and felt horror when bad things happened and bad things do happen. There are some very dark subjects in this book but the way Colleen Hoover handled them was just nothing short of amazing. I've seen several other reviewers mention how Hopeless took their breath away and I have to agree. I have never had a book steal my breath before nor have I ever found myself forgetting to breath while reading a book. Only after becoming dizzy every so often did I finally manage to remind myself to breath. So many emotions poured out of this book into me, then through me before exiting in the form of my tears and smiles. This is just one of those books that remind you why you love to read so much. If I had one word to describe Hopeless it would be PerfectlyIntenselyHeartbreakinglyBeautiful. Yeah I know I cheated but it's impossible to describe this book with one word.

Hopeless ended so beautifully, in fact the last chapter was probably one of the best endings I've ever read. It left me with both joy for what is and sorrow for what was and tugged at my heart so hard that I was afraid that the story might actually steal it and only once the book was closed was my heart my own once more but my mind still hasn't been able to stop thinking about everything and I have a feeling that the characters and their story will be forever etched into my memory.