The Sea of Tranquility - Katja Millay

The Sea of Tranquility: A Novel - Katja Millay

Love and Redemption at it's Finest!!!


I've been putting off writing this one because I just don't know how to do this story justice with a review. This book is one of the reasons why I love this genre so much. I'll pretty much read anything but I've been on a major Romance trip lately, especially when it comes to books about love and redemption. The Sea of Tranquility got everything right. It was real! There was not one single line or scene where I had to suspend my disbelief. The romance between Nastya and Josh was slow to build up. There was no insta-love, no giant automatic connection and no giant whirlwind of drama to bring them together. Instead it was like each character lived in their own world but gravity started to pull them towards each other, slowly at first but building up over time and even when they tried to fight it, it was just impossible to resist that pull. This was a heartwrenching and beautiful book. Certain events were just so mindless and random much like real life and showed just how quickly your life could change. You go around without a major care in the world and all of a sudden it's all gone. Your comfort, security, your hope, dreams and love all gone or at least you think so until one day you wake up in someone's garage wondering how you got there and hoping you'll never ever have to leave.

All of the characters including the side characters were written with such detail that you literally know them after you're through with the book. You don't just wish that they could be your friends like you do in a lot of books but realize that they are your friends. You've just been through too much together with them and know them too well to be anything but friends. Josh and Nastya both have had issues in their past and each have their own ways of dealing with them. Josh works every spare moment in his garage building stuff in order to stay busy and keep his mind off of things while Nastya invents a new identity for the public. She never speaks and dresses in extremely skimpy outfits along with giant spiked heels while doing the whole goth thing with her makeup. The person everyone sees in public and at school is just an illusion which she hides behind to stay safe yet she never truly feels safe anymore. One day at school Nastya notices Josh who is just as alone as she is. In fact she thinks it's like he has a force field around him that nobody else can or will enter and she wishes she had one too. She's not instantly just attracted to his looks although she thinks he's good looking nor is she instantly attracted to his pain even though she's not quite aware of it's depth. Late each night that she can, she runs to help quiet her mind and sleep. She feels safer at night than in the broad daylight and on each night she passes Josh's house and his garage where he's always working. One night just out of the blue she goes into his garage and just sits down and watches while he works. Neither talk, Nastya doesn't talk anyway. Every so often she'll just stop in and this is how their relationship starts. Two people who want nothing more than to be alone but are secretly craving something. Maybe's it's companionship or likes attracting, whatever it is they both start to look forward to their time together in Josh's garage and slowly over the course of the book their relationship grows.

In a lot of books you have the girl with major problems and the great guy who is there to help love her. Sometimes the guy is a little too great, a little too patient and a little too everything. Don't get me wrong I like those kinds of books and that kind of character. I know for a fact that those kind of people really do exist and are out there but I really enjoyed the fact that Josh wasn't perfect. He's dealt with a lot and he's still young even if his eyes do appear much older. He makes mistakes, plenty of them. Some bigger than others and it felt real. Of course when things go bad someone like Josh would go back to the one thing that they don't have to think about for comfort. Nastya isn't perfect either, far from it. It's not like she will really let anyone in and nobody no matter how good they are can pick up on all of her little hints and clues. It's like she's secretly trying to tell Josh the truth the whole time they're together without ever coming out and saying it. Heck even the supporting characters aren't perfect even though they're great people and even better friends. Drew is a huge womanizer and I'm using the kind term for what he is. He is the love em and leave em kind of guy but he knows it. He never makes excuses and he's always up front about it but there's so much more to him than that, so much more depth and you get to find out who he really is on the inside. You get that with all of the characters. They're not just there for comic relief or page fillers. They're just as unique and three dimensional as Josh and Nastya.

The Sea of Tranquility is a great book about pain: lots of pain, of loss, longing and learning to live again. It's about Loss, hope and redemption. It's about two people who have lost everything that ever truly mattered to them and finding out that there are still things in life worth loving. It was real, emotional and I'm still thinking about it a week later. As far as a story about love and redemption goes this book got everything absolutely right. Books like this are why I wake up each morning with a smile on my face and why I always look forward to tomorrow. Buy this book, read the sample if you need to and then enjoy every single moment of it. You will thank yourself later for reading it. It's just that good.