Untouched (Beachwood Bay) - Melody Grace

Untouched - Melody Grace

Great companion piece to Unbroken!!!


I read this one after reading Unbroken. You can probably read it before or after but I think it works better afterwards. This is the story of that summer where Juliet meets Romeo....ooops sorry I mean Emerson and their love ignites. Juliet and Emerson pretty much skipped the whole dating with sparks flying and went straight into a full blazing bonfire of hot loving goodness. It's a short and sweet story and you get a chance to see more about their pasts and to watch their mutual attraction turn into love.


I was going to give this one 4 stars because while it was very good I was hoping for more backstory. I wanted the book to go further and would have liked more scenes past where it ended such as when Emerson accidently opens Juliet's shed door and ruins all of her photographs as mentioned in Unbroken but then I got to thinking that not only was the book for free but I felt that the story ended perfectly. My wanting more was just a personal thing so I gave it five stars. I try to only grade a story on it's own merits and I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend this one to anyone who like's romance. Whether you've read Unbroken or not this is a great story. It's free so you have nothing to lose! Plus Juliet is just so awesome, seriously if I thought I could take Emerson I'd totally be hitting on her :) Of course we all know she only has eyes for Emerson and this novella shows exactly how and why.