Morrigan: Tale Of A Teenage Witch

Morrigan: Tale of a Teenage Witch - Amanda McKeon

Very Mature, Well Written and Just All Around Great Story


(Note: I have no idea why the cover keeps saying Trial of a Teenage Witch. I cannot actually find that cover or title anywhere on Amazon yet this is what constantly pops up for me.  It should be Morrigan: Tale of a Teenage Witch)


Wow, it's not often that a witch story really impresses me. I think the last one was the Mayfair Witches by Anne Rice. I'm just not really a big witch fan, I like the fae, vampires are great, werewolves can be fun but witches just don't usually do it for me unless they're very well written and have a unique quality to them. I'm very happy to say that not only was Morrigan: Tale of a Teenage Witch very well written and unique but the storyline was great. I simply could not put it down and I absolutely loved the Irish culture in this book. There were just certain phrases or the way Morrigan uses the word Mum instead of Mom that just made it feel so quaint. The witchcraft in the book is the kind I really prefer: very old, celtic and not all powerful even though obviously Morrigan has a lot of power she will eventually learn to use. Morrigan is wonderfully written and the chapters fly by in no time at all, I did not see a single error anywhere (I'm not saying there isn't one, just saying I didn't notice anything at all) which is always super nice. I know this is probably classified as a YA but honestly the whole book just felt very mature to me. I'm not sure I'm describing it properly but that's how it felt to me.

I really liked Morrigan. She's not perfect yet she's good, she makes mistakes, some very big mistakes but to give her credit it was an honest mistake. She had no way of knowing certain things like that could happen. She's nice but can have a mean streak when done wrong, she's attractive yet not vain. She's brave but not stupid. Honestly in another life she would be a pretty average girl which is what I really liked about her. Mo is having to deal with some major issues and guilt all while discovering who she is and what she is. It was fun to watch her grow in confidence as a person and a witch while learning about her powers. The town she lives in is not a very good places for witches: think the Salem Witch Trials and you'll be on the right track which adds another whole layer of intrigue and tension to the story. The characters were all top notch and felt real, even the one's that I hated. The setting was beautiful. I simply loved the descriptions of Ireland and the dialect was just icing on the cake. I could literally hear the characters accents in my head and I'm a huge sucker for accents, especially in women and let's face it Irish accents are awesome. They're right up there with French and Italian in my opinion.

All in all a really great book and I've already bought the second one. I got it about the time I was halfway through with this one. I could already tell I was going to want to read more. If you want a nice deep storyline with multiple layers to it then give this book a try, the characters are solid, the storytelling superb and if you're into witch stories then this will definitely be a great one for you. Even if you're not into witches give it a shot. A good story is a good story no matter the subject matter and this was one heck of a good story. Well, I'm off to read the second one. Just writing this review has been torture and I just can't put it off any longer. Happy Reading :)