Morrigan: Blue Moon Rising - Amanda McKeon

Blue Moon Rising (Morrigan # 2) - Amanda McKeon

Absolutely Brilliant!! Loved it!!!


Every so often a really great story comes along and gets stuck in your mind and even after days, weeks or months go by and certain scenes and scenario's fade from your mind the story still stays with you (at least until you reread it and get to experience it all over again bringing it back to the forefront of your brain). They stand out from the rest of the many stories you've read and attain that place in the back of your mind where all your favorite books you've ever read reside and never truly ever leave you. Morrigan and Blue Moon Rising are those types of stories. Amanda McKeon is a superb writer, her words flow in such a way that you forget you're even reading a book. You just become part of the experience. Her characters have a true depth to them and just like real people convey so many emotions and each has their own quirks and strengths of character along with weaknesses: again just like real people. And then there's the Irish culture, from the scenery to the accents and language. You're steeped in a rich and diverse culture from the first pages of the book and it is a nice bonus to what is already a great story. Of course I'm a huge sucker for accents so I'm pretty much in love with Morrigan, Caitlin and even Sinead :)

Morrigan: Blue Moon Rising picks up directly where Morrigan: Tale of a Teenage Witch leaves off. Morrigan is dealing with the fallout from events that took place in the first book and I was wondering after reading it if Mo had finally found peace or not. It seemed so by the end but once you start in on Blue Moon you realize that things had happened so fast that she really didn't have the time to process everything properly and now that it's all over her anger well and truly sets in. To me it felt like a natural thing and pretty much how any normal person would react. Of course Mo's not normal, she's a witch and a very powerful one who hasn't fully learned the extent of her powers nor how to control them properly. Mix in being able to hear everyone's thoughts and feel their emotions and you've got a volatile situation just waiting to happen. In the first part of this book Mo is angry, very angry and allows that anger to fester and grow and we all know the dangers of anger. How it can control you, make you say and do things you really don't mean, making you a prisoner in a never ending cycle of anger and self loathing.

Mo has some serious issues she needs to deal with and after a tragic event she finds herself in a strange land: the Faery Realm and with the help of some new friends she will set out on a path of self discovery and learning. The Earth along with the Faery realm is in danger and an old evil, an evil that only Morrigan can face is behind it all but will she be able to learn from her mistakes and become the Witch she was born to be or will she allow the darkness and anger to fester, condemning both realms to an evil she has yet to escape? You'll just have to read to find out.

Much like the first book there is a lot of wisdom in this one. So many passages would fit right at home in the pages of the Tao Te Ching. I have so many of them saved to my clippings and they are all as true about my life and world as they are about Mo and the world she inhabits. Little snippets of wisdom about anger, fear and greed which the readers can apply to their own lives and look to for inspiration. Again just like the first book the one word that comes to my mind when I think about Blue Moon Rising is "mature" and even though that's not quite the right word it's the closest I can come to describing how the book felt to me. I truly cannot wait for the third one or pretty much any other books Amanda McKeon may decide to write, it doesn't matter the genre, I will be along for the journey. Her writing is just that good. Her characters are as unique and real as her stories are and after that little sneak peak for the third book I'm literally on the edge of my seat with worry and wanting to know what happens next. Do yourself a favor and read Blue Moon Rising if you enjoyed Morrigan: Tale of a Teenage Witch. If you haven't read the first one yet then do so. I'm not normally a big fan of witches and haven't enjoyed a story about one so much since Anne Rice's The Mayfair Witches. Just an excellent story who's characters refuse to leave my mind. I finished the book two days ago and I'm still thinking about them and I imagine I will be for quite some time, possibly forever.