Reckless (The Story Of Samantha Smith #2)

Reckless  - Devon Hartford

Absolutely Love This Series!!!



A lot of times sequels usually just aren't as good as the original books but that wasn't the case here. As much as I loved Fearless, I enjoyed Reckless even more. I'm really amazed at Devon Hartford, he's already a very good writer but I think it's pretty rare and wonderful to see an author who's already very talented become so much better in such a short time. Fearless was really good but Reckless was even better. It had all the things that I loved from the original and also so much more. More depth, more humor, more romance, more drama, just more everything and I had a really good time hanging out with Samantha, Christos, Mads, Romeo, Kamiko, Brandsome (sorry, can't get that name out of my head) and yes even Hunter the new jerk in town. Seriously, Hunter and Tiffany should totally get together, their evil love would destroy the universe.

Reckless picks right up where Fearless left off. Samantha and Christos have taken their relationship to the next level. Not only that but Samantha is taking her art to the next level and everything is going great. So where's the drama? Don't worry, there's plenty of it here and not just from Tiffany who's personal goal in life is to make everyone around her miserable, especially Sam. Everything's going wonderful them BAM! Roadblocks start appearing all over the place. Roadblocks to Sam's art, school, her and Christo's relationship and even her friendship with Kamiko. Things continue to escalate, going from about 1 to 175 mph about as fast as Christos on his Ducati right up until the very end where we crash head first into a guard rail and are hanging over a steep mountainside starring at the tiny dots of trees below us as our life hangs in the balance. Well, that didn't happen literally but it's a good enough analogy. I for one happen to love yet hate cliffhangers at the same time but I loved this one. Don't worry, we're not left off too badly.  We get a full self contained story-line but we do have to wait until the next installment in the Story of Samantha Smith to find out what happens to everybody.

I can't wait for the next book. Is Christos going to be okay? Will Samantha's parents ever see reason? Will Tiffany ever grow up? Yeah right! I'm also hoping that Romeo as well as Kamiko get a little love. Heck, maybe they should get their own spin-off series. I'd also really like to know more about Brandon. Is he really such a jerk? Why was he so caring and nice to Kamiko only to be such a jerk later? I hope there's more to him than that, maybe he's under pressure from his family the way Samantha is, or maybe he's just afraid of true love. Of course he could just be a jerk, only time will tell. This is just a fun series, there was a lot more humor this time around along with a lot more romance. It seems to me like Mr. Hartford really had a good time writing this one, it just shows. His characters have a great amount of depth to them, the pacing was very good and all in all just a great read. If you enjoyed the first one then don't miss this one, you'll be sorry that you did. This is a great book/series and is definitely on my "must read" list the second each new book comes out.