Only For You: 1 (Forever and Always) - E.L. Todd

Only For You (Forever and Always, Book #1) - E. L. Todd

I too received this book in exchange for an honest review. I just finished Only for you by E.L. Todd and not only was it the first book I've read by this author it was also the very first contemporary romance book I'd read. I'll admit it took me a little bit to get into it but please keep in mind that I'm used to reading YA and New Adult type romance novels and without all the usual teenage angst drama I was a bit lost. Not to say there isn't plenty of drama here because there is but it took me a bit to realize that "my hangups" were exactly that: my hangups. Once I finally let go and let myself just enjoy the journey I had a good time.  Would I recommend it: sure, was it my favorite: probably not. I don't know why but I'm just not used to reading about mature adults, adults who are looking for a life partner and love. Adults who have somewhat stable jobs, etc. I just want to say it was a very nice change of pace and I did enjoy it. I've been wanting to expand on what I read and Only For You was the perfect place to start. Now onto the good stuff :)

Scarlet's best friend Sean who she's known forever is going through a breakup. The love of his life Penelope has just left him and has been cheating on him with another man. Scarlet and Sean have weathered many breakups before and have always been there for each other but this time it's different. Penelope was the love of Sean's life and he's devastated. So like any good friend would do Scarlet is there for him. She keeps him busy and helps to keep his mind off of his pain. They spend a lot of time together and sleep in the same bed which is not unusual for the two of them being such close friends but eventually after a night out on the town they cross a line and end up having sex. Scarlet realizes that she's always loved Sean and that is part of the reason she hasn't really been looking for anyone else. Afterwards Scarlet is happy, she's in love and believe Sean loves her back but he's still confused, torn over Penelope and just thinks they were friends comforting each other or friends with benefits.

Scarlet is an Editor and she's great at her job. Unfortunately she has a total scumbag for a boss and she tries to tell Sean her problems concerning her boss that night that they had sex but Sean wasn't paying attention because Penelope walked into the same bar and after a bad day at work involving that total douche of a boss and a robbery she comes home only to find heartbreak and betrayal. She realizes that Sean doesn't love her the way that she loves him and does the only thing she can do at the time which is to flee. With nowhere else to go Scarlet moves from the city, leaving her job, her apartment and the only man she ever loved and moves halfway across the country to her brother Ryan's house. She and her brother had always been super close but she'd been so busy the last year that she had kind of lost track with him. Together they begin to rebuild their damaged relationship. Scar's brother is awesome, he instantly accepts her into his house and makes her feel welcome. He's kind, honorable and protective over his little sister and exactly how all big brothers should be. Slowly Scar starts to get her life back on track. She goes into business for herself, she makes some new and interesting friends - Cortland and seems to be doing great except she still misses Sean but just can't go back to being friends.

On the other side of the country Sean is not doing so well. His work is suffering and he's in a lot of pain. He made some serious mistakes with Scar and is just starting to realize what an idiot he was. He realizes that Scar is perfect for him and he loves her more than he thought but he is still torn over Penelope. Can Sean find a way to make Scarlet forgive him and give him another chance? Will she forgive him or has she already moved onto someone else? Will she accept Sean knowing that he still loves Penelope and can't fully give 100% of his heart to her at this time? You'll just have to read to find out :)

I just want to say I really liked Ryan and Cortland. Cortland is a great guy, he's honest and is such a good friend for Scar to have. Scar's business is doing very well but she still has a lot of debt from her student loans and if she can't start making payments on them soon she could be in a lot of trouble. After the tables are turned and she is in a position to help her brother she does so without a second though. I love how they are always there for each other. How they accept each other no matter what is going on and are so supportive of each other. I hope Scar will go back and fight not only her ex-boss for what is right but also her mom who is just horrible. I'm not sure which one I hate more to be honest. All in all I had a really great time reading Only For You. If you enjoy a good romance with plenty of drama and lots of emotion then you'll love this book. Now that I reflect back on the story which is still hopping around in my mind I really enjoyed reading about Scar and Sean. I love how they're both good people who are mature but still make mistakes. I loved the fact that E.L. Todd has decided to tackle such difficult subjects as sexual harassment and parental abuse/neglect and can't wait to see how all of those issues are resolved in the next book which should be out the day after Only For You is released so we don't have to wait long to find out what happens next.  All in all a pretty decent read and a fun journey I'm glad I took.