Hellion (The Rebel Series #2) - Elle Casey

Hellion  - Elle Casey

Such A Fun Book!!! If You're Not Reading Hellion Then You're Begging For Trouble!!!


The Rebel Series is instantly becoming one of my favorite series and Hellion is by far the best book I’ve read this month – maybe even this year. I have no idea how Elle Casey is able to consistently put out such great books nearly every single month. The end of each month which is usually when she releases a new book is a time I very much look forward to and any book I happen to be reading at that time no matter what it is always gets put on hold. One of the things I really enjoy about Elle Casey’s books (besides the always awesome story line, great characters, witty dialogue and sheer amount of depth) is the way her stories just seem to flow so naturally. Reading kind of feels like sailing to me. With some books the waves are a bit choppy but the journey is still fun. With others (bad books) the waves are just too high to overcome and completely jar you out of the moment making the journey just impossible but with really great books the journey is just pure smooth sailing, no waves, just blue water and sunny skies. Hellion is the latter type, just smooth sailing but instead of water it feels like you’re gliding across glass: the flow just so smooth and calm and so effortless that even the best of books start to feel a little choppy in comparison. My mind just flows along on the journey, a journey that always feels like coming home which is such a rare and wonderful experience.

I loved Rebel and really enjoyed reading about Teagan and her life. In the first book we get to meet Rebel and Teagan as they find each other and fall in love. We had a lot of fun moments and got to see the evil depths that her wicked step-mother would go to in order to control her father’s money along with his company. We also got to meet Teagan’s best friend Quinlan along with Rebel’s two brothers: Hellion and Trouble. It was a great book and was so much fun and I ended up loving Teagan so much that I was a bit afraid that I wouldn’t like whoever Hellion’s novel was about near as much. Oh yea of little faith. I should have known better by now to doubt the sheer awesomeness of Elle Casey’s mad writing skills. In my review for Rebel I stated that I hoped Quinlan and one of Rebel’s brothers would get together and then they could be one big happy family and BOOM! My wish was granted! The book faery (yes she’s real) heard me and granted me my wish. How cool is that?

Ahh Quinlan. I loved loved loved her character. She’s sassy, sexy, super fun (sorry all out of s words now) and I adore how her IQ just seems to plummet when she’s around Hellion much in the same way Teagan always became flustered around Rebel. It’s just too cute. She felt very real and I really wish they were real people and I knew her and Teagan. I would rather surround myself with kind yet fun loving people than people who are too serious all of the time. Everyone deals with stress and life’s challenges differently and humor is but one of those ways. Lord knows my humor has kept me sane for many years.

I love that Hellion is not perfect. Sure he likes to drink, occasionally get into a fight, drive fast and party but underneath that rugged exterior is a heart of gold. Rebel and both of his brothers all have hearts of gold despite their troubled pasts. Their foster mom gave them a foundation to build on so that no matter what mistakes they make or what trouble they get into they’re still good people where it counts and you can see that love and loss constantly warring with itself in Hellion and especially in Trouble. Hellion’s interactions with Quin are just too fun and when the two of them finally do come together – Holy Hell-0 Hotness!
And then there’s Alissa a new (old) character that we’re re-introduced to. I’m not going to say too much about her except that I really like her character. I love that through good friends she’s finally starting to discover who she truly is along with the strength to be the person she was meant to be. I really hope she plays a huge role in Trouble. (hint, hint)

Witty dialogue, humor, super sexy scenes, a mystery to solve and an evil step-mom. This book has it all. I’m still up in my happy cloud after finishing this book last night. Hellion put such a huge smile on my face. The book is full of life and so much fun so I’m going to float around up here for a while before having to come back down but the good news is I get to do it all again in about a month 

The price of Hellion – 4.99
The way reading Hellion makes you feel - Priceless