Jim Knighthorse Series: First Three Books

Jim Knighthorse Series: All Three Books - J.R. Rain I really enjoyed these books and cannot wait for more. Jim Knighthorse is fun to read and you can tell that Mr. Rain has alot of fun writing these. I've always enjoyed his sense of humor in all his books but he really shines with this series. Jim Knighthorse is a Private Investigator, a really big guy who used to play football for UCLA, he's arrogant, full of himself and is sexy and he knows it. Of course he's also a very damaged person with a very cold father (and I mean really cold - like potential serial killer cold lol). His mom was murdered violently when he was a boy and he found her body. I really like how human all of Rain's chracters are. They're good but flawed. Heroic yet troubled. Each book has it's own story that wraps up nicely while the series as a whole has an over-arc'ing storyline so there's no cliffhangers that force you to purchase more books. Just one good story after another. If you like Detective mysteries then you'll probably like these books. If you enjoy a bit of the supernatural then you'll definetly enjoy most of J.R. Rains books. I find his writing style very refreshing and professional. Honestly I've had more fun reading his books than anything else I have read in a long time. I'm hooked and now a lifelong fan. Great series. I'm just going to close with one word: Zumbooruk!