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Sources For Free Images

Here's where I'll be adding sites that you can find free images to use on your blog.

Please make sure you check any licenses or Creative Common's license on the images.  Some have restrictions.


1. Wylio.com - My number 1 source for finding free images.  You just type what you're looking for and it does the rest.  I didn't even realize that it had a limit until just now on how many images you can find.  For the free account you can only get 5 images each month. I guess I've never done more than five in a single month.  Also I read on another site that you don't want to use any of wylio's links for the images directly from them since they embed their own links in them which will hurt your standings with Google if you use too many of them and also if I think it's wrong to have an extra link added in there.  It kind of defeats the whole purpose of citing your sources so I just click on the name of the picture and it takes me directly to it's source.  Usually Flickr.com and I'll grab it from there.  Still it makes finding images easy. 

2. Flickr.com - Excellent site for finding a whole host of images.  Make sure you check out the Creative Commons license of each image under the Additional Info tab.  Some of the pictures you will not be able to use without either paying a licensing fee or getting the authors permission.  Also some are for personal use only and there are other restrictions on some of them.  Just make sure to check out any restrictions.

3. National Gallery of Art - All of the 35,000 images are open access and are free to use for any reason.  Some excellent pictures.


4. Death to Stock Photo - They have a wide variety of high resolution lifestyle photographs that they will send to your inbox.  You have to sign up with them though.  


5. Value Stock Photo - Images that are free for personal use only.  For any type of commercial use you have to pay a royalty fee.  All the images on this site already have their link back embedded so all you have to do is grab the address of the image. Again, if you make any type of money off of your site or use affiliate links then you have to pay a royalty to use these images.


6. Creative Commons Search - I just now found this one and haven't used it yet so I don't have a clue how good it is. It looks like a very useful tool so I've included it here. I'll test it out soon and will let you know more later.

Obviously you can use Google Image to search for images. People who know how to use it can use their services to try and track down the original images. I haven't been very good at finding which images are the originals though so I haven't been using it. I don't use enough images for that but for those who know how to work it, it's an excellent source for finding images. Probably one of the best out there. 


I will be including more as I find them.  I hope these help some of you.

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