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About My Ratings/Reviews

Reading is one of my greatest pleasures in life and my ratings reflect that.  Most of my reviews are 4 or 5 star ratings meaning I really liked the book or I LOVED the book.  Very rarely do I rate a book 3 stars and I don’t believe that I currently have any 1 or 2 star ratings in my reviews.  Basically if I’m not really enjoying a book then I move on to the next one.  I generally don’t buy many books on a whim.  Usually I’ll read reviews, both good and bad, and then I will almost always read the sample so by the time I purchase a book I have a very good feel for whether or not I’ll enjoy it.  If I’m really hating or disliking a book then I generally don’t finish it and if I don’t finish it then I don’t review or rate it.  I just do what feels right for me.  Everyone is different and each person has do do things the way they like along with what feels right for them.


All of my reviews are solely my opinion based upon how much I enjoyed the book and how  it made me feel at the time I was reading it.   I mainly read on my kindle because of cost.  Although lately I’ve slackened off a bit it’s not uncommon for me to go through a book or two a day.


99% of all my reviews are books that I have purchased myself or were free kindle downloads on Amazon with the exception of the very few Advanced Reader Copies I’ve received in exchange for an honest review and any reviews of this sort will clearly state that before the actual review.


Here is my Rating System which is pretty much identical to most of the big name book sites out there.


1 Star – It’s so bad I can’t read it or finish it – Meaning I’m not going to read it and if I don’t read it then I don’t review it!


2 Stars – Hmm, it was okay.  I’m probably not enjoying myself enough to continue reading though: see 1.


3 Stars – I liked it.  It wasn’t spectacular but neither was it horrible.  I doubt I’ll read it again and may or may not recommend it to others but I did like it.


4 Stars – I really enjoyed this book a lot.  I may read it again someday and would definitely recommend it to others.


5 Stars – This is why I read! I Loved it! I will tell everyone I know about this book and will definitely be rereading it again at some point.

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